About Doctors Formula 365 & Dr. Seymour Weaver
Doctors Formula 365 was founded by board certified dermatologist Dr. Seymour Weaver to provide advanced nutritional supplements and physician grade cosmeceutical skin care formulas as part of a mission to provide “Solutions for Lifelong Health and Beauty”. The products are specifically designed to help individuals who want to live the healthiest and longest life possible and always look their best.
Dr. Seymour Weaver has been an actively practicing physician and health expert for more than 35 years.  Utilizing his clinical experience and personal study and insights about nutritional supplement formulations, he is devoted to promoting healthy lifestyles and finding remedies and treatments for a variety of health conditions that improve with the use of natural ingredients. He also creates formulas that improve the health and appearance of the skin with the utilization of products containing natural and corrective ingredients.
Ongoing effort is put into the research and development of new cosmeceutical skin care products and nutritional supplements that will enable the company to continue to serve its customers’ efforts to live the healthiest life possible with their best appearance possible.
Brain Support
We frequently hear about nutritional support to help aging consumers hoping to delay cognitive decline. But the importance of a healthy brain in tackling everyday stress, to boost memory, and improve focus, especially for those who are looking for support while studying or working long hours, developing burnout, from demanding jobs and life responsibilities can also benefit from cognitive support & energy.
A number of scientific studies have shown that a variety of nutritional supplement ingredients can help to enhance memory, clarity and focus. After careful study and consideration, Doctors Formula 365 has developed two product formulations that provide natural support brain function.

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